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Maranhao Barebangs Flavio

The sight of those two BangBangBoys in their speedo’s giving a kiss should be sufficiently to get anyone hard. Their consummate bodies entwined in each other is a testament to the incredible male beauty Brazilian men are.

Maranhao’s big dick gets to pound Flavio and he slaps his ass as he thrusts just in case this wasn’t horny sufficiently already.

The cum discharged in this scene is one of the hottest we’ve ever filmed. Maranhao’s big dick flowing with sex cream all over Flavio’s bearded face just has to be seen.

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Maranhao BareBangs Tony Dias

Sitting on the couch Maranhao is getting horny. He pushes Tony Dias’ head towards his crotch as a gesture of hey you – let’s fuck. With an insanely gorgeous body such as Maranhao’s that’s about all the convincing that is needed. Tony sucks his 10-Pounder whilst it’s still partially in his pants. And what an expert pecker sucker he is.

Tony then turns his talents to rimming the muscled ass – this is too much – they vacate the couch and head to the bedroom. One time there it’s Tony’s ass that now gets rimmed getting it ready for Maranhao’s thick massive dick that is going to pound the fuck out of it.

You can imagine gazing on that gorgeous form during the time that your ass is being torn apart by that huge dick. It’s so fucking hot to watch those Brazilian Bang Bang Guys fucking bareback that you’re going to need a box of tissues. Tony ends up with a face full of Maranhao’s cum. Take up with the tongue it up!

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Tony Dias BareBangs Italo

There’s no thing more dull than doing the dishes so when Italo comes along to distract Tony Dias from the task he jumps at the opportunity. They head to the bedroom and Tony’s big dick is in a short time out of his pants being sucked by Italo. Tony then sucks on Italo’s meat in advance of putting him on all fours – spitting on his ass and alternating betwixt rimming his hole, engulfing his pecker and slapping his ass.

Italo’s fine bubble butt is treated to a spit filled licking and then a finger fucking in advance of Tony Dias then gets his rock hard raw knob and starts to fuck that taut hole.
It feels awesome and Italo is very talented in the poses he jumps into with that dong in his ass. He’s got ‘Hot Lads’ tattooed on his ass and a hot boy fucking it – but expect – they flip! And now it’s Tony’s turn to get fucked. Getting his hole filled sends Tony over the top and he blows his load all over Italo’s gorgeous face. Italo licks that cum up like a hungry man! Shower time!

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Marcelo BareBangs Maranhao

Marcelo is relaxing on the couch reading when in walks Maranhao. His tanned, constricted, tattooed body is clad merely in a white jock that barely contains his growing erection. Whilst Marcelo’s book was interesting there’s no way you could ignore such a vision of fuckability in front of you. Maranhao in a short time has Marcelo’s monster dong out of his pants and in his mouth. He valiantly attempts to consume the entire thick animal and does a good job – merely gagging occasionally.

Marcelo then takes his turn at engulfing Maranhao’s fine dong – then spins him around to inspect his hole with his tongue – lubing it with his spit for its impending bareback fuck.

With a little bit of Gun Oil the fat piston is ready for action and Maranhao’s muscled ass gets pummelled with Marcelo’s raw knob. He bounces up and down on that meat stick – taking each inch unfathomable inside his ass. It’s a hot session that ends with huge wads of cum on those ripped abs.

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Beautiful twinks assfucking and sharing cumshots

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Those horny twinks have the abode all to themselves this day. They are madly in love, they want to fuck and their pretty youthful bodies are full of excitement. They waste no time getting one some other completely stripped and one of ’em ends up on his knees giving his boyfriend a mind blowing irrumation and taking his penis from behind with great pleasure. Watch him move that ass to take the fucking even deeper! He wants each inch of his boyfriend’s love tool inside and he wants to share cumshots with this impressive gay lad.

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Cross-dresser in fishnets nailed raw

The Cross Dressers

Those gay lads love spicing up sex with some creative roleplaying and this time one of the guys dresses up like a sexy chick to get pumped. He looks so sexy in those red pants and black fishnet nylons his boyfriend just bows him over and drives his hard dong into that constricted welcoming ass hole he so can’t live without to fuck. Unfathomable bareback fucking and a female outfit – this gay crossdressing party will make you ball semen all over your screen!

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Skater twinks love shaggy knobs

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Check out those two gay skater twinks getting down and obscene after a wild street session. Learning new tricks got ’em so excited they just couldn’t expect to get their sweaty bodies bare and just go out of control engulfing unshaved ramrods and licking glamorous cream off one some other. Fuck yeah! They are as good in engulfing weenies as they are good in skating and they love doing one as well as the other jointly. Have a fun!

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Marcelo Mastro BareBangs Flavio Canto

Whilst the view is pretty amazing on the balcony for Marcelo and Flavio there’s no denying that Flavio just wants to get a smack of Marcelo’s legendary bare wang in his taut white ass.

The come inside and Marcelo teases Flavio nipples with his tongue. Flavio then dives on top of Marcelo’s rock hard monster with his lips – attempting to deepthroat it and covering it all in waves of spit to get it valuable and wet.

Speaking of getting things wet – Marcelo moistens Flavio’s hole with his tongue – now his jock and the ass are wet it’s time to come into Flavio’s man bawdy cleft. It’s not an easy task to take Marcelo’s schlong quickly. At first it’s a slow process but then one time in Marcelo starts to increase the speed. Flavio jumps on top and Marcelo’s raw dick disappears unfathomable inside. Ay ay ay that thing is huge and Flavio is enjoying each single inch.

Lying on his back the look of the hunky Flavio’s rippling abs is too much for Marcelo and he cums all over the now well used hole.

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Marcelo Mastro, Hugo & Andy Star 3-way

You would think that Hugo and Andy Star bareback fucking would be a hot sufficiently clip for anyone. But here at BangBangBoys we want you to blow your minds and your loads with more so we added the mammoth weenie of Marcelo Mastro into the mix.

The three of ’em giving a kiss and engulfing rod is sufficiently to get your attention – their muscled, tattooed bodies swapping from dick to ramrod will make you horny for weeks. Andy Star deepthroating Marcelo’s big thick ramrod – gagging on it as Hugo fingers his ass … oh my.
The three move into a barebacking fuck chain – favourable Hugo in the middle getting fucked raw by Marcelo whilst he bonks the delectable Andy Star. He moans and cries out in absolute ecstasy!

Being fucked by Marcelo’s big dick is an impressive feat for any bottom but Andy Star manages one as well as the other Marcelo’s and Hugo’s dongs in his ass at the same time!

There’s so many poses in this scene – they switch and move and lastly Andy ends up with cum in his ass and all over his face. A fantastic finale for sure!

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Gay cross-dresser in nylons drilled raw

The Cross Dressers

A cute gay lad dresses up like a sexy frivolous honey to impress his boyfriend and oh, what a surprise it is. A wig, a petticoat, a blouse plus red pants and black hold-up nylons – he has at no time looked more seductive and fuckable than this day. He gives the fortunate dude a jaw-dropping oral sex and takes some raw unfathomable bareback fucking in various poses. What an ass and what a flawless taker!

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Marcelo Mastro Barebangs Thiago Sartori

Thiago is giving Marcelo a foot massage – he rubs Marcelo’s feet and sucks his toes. They start to kiss – on the lips and then Marcelo takes Thiago’s nipple in his mouth during the time that Thiago tweaks the other.

Marcelo is hard – his huge dong is out of his pants and Thiago is licking and engulfing his thick shaft with intensity. Marcelo is a generous paramour and sucks on Thiago’s dick in advance of the two move into a 69 position – Marcelo’s tongue in Thiago’s ass during the time that he sucks on Marcelo’s big dick.

As intense as the foreplay is the raw fucking is even more so. Impaled on the end of Marcelo’s massive dick Thiago moans with ache and ecstasy but his ass swallows each inch and bounces up and down – muscles flexing.

In and out, in and out – the relentless fuck session proceeds until two they the one and the other explode in waves of cum.

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Neo Barebangs Andy Star

Andy is on the balcony enjoying the view – all the during the time that craving raw 10-Pounder. He makes a call and in advance of you know it hung stud Neo walks throughout the door. He can’t expect to poke that jock in his mouth. Neo pulls his attractive face far down onto his jock – Andy gags and chokes.
Neo flips him over to rim his consummate ass – getting it ready to get his thick brute of a dick. Andy’s hole is good and ready and he climbs onto that rod and bounces – swallowing each inch with a grin and a grimace.

It feels good – really good – insanely good and Andy cums all over himself during the time that Neo is filling his hole. Now Neo takes charge and keeps barebanging Andy until Andy’s hole is overspread in Neo’s cum.

Marcelo Mastro BareBangs Italo

There is no doubt that the sight of a Brazilian beach would turn anyone on. Italo and Marcelo take in the view on the balcony but even such a flawless sight won’t deter ’em from fucking bareback inside.
Italo does his most good to deepthroat Marcelo’s massive monument of wang. He does an impressive job and Marcelo thanks him by engulfing Italo’s ramrod as well.

Italo is then on his knees as Marcelo rims his ass – alternating betwixt opening up his hole with his fingers and his tongue. It’s then time for Italo to take that big ramrod unfathomable inside.

The look on his face is priceless as he winces with pang and pure pleasure all at the same time. He bounces up and down on that thick animal moaning with pleasure.

Italo cums all over his ass during the time that Marcelo cums all over his hole – it’s a sticky mess but the sign of a job well cum.

Hugo Barebangs Vinicius

Hugo and Vinicius head out to the beach to have a fun the scenery and stretch out. But the two of ’em are far too horny to hang outside so they go indoors and start undressing each other. Hugo has a big thick dick and Vinicius relishes poking the entire thing into his mouth.

Hugo then lubes up Vinicius ass with his spit and his tongue in advance of he copulates him bareback. Having his ass full of Brazilian shlong is so hot Vinicius cums all over his abs. That inspires Hugo to pull his dong out and cum on Vinicius’ gorgeous face – Vinicius swallowing each drop.

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Twinks washing and fucking in a bathtub

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Watch those two cute fuck addicted twinks take a precious soapy bath and shower jointly, then have some oral fun and have a fun a ardent anal fuck right in a bathtub. They look so valuable-looking when they are all slimy and soapy and they make love with so much desire and excitement you’ll want to get your gay freak on and jump right in to join the fun.

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Cross-dresser in red panties assfucked

The Cross Dressers

What if you came home and your gay boyfriend was there expecting for you dressed like a gal with a wig, a blouse, a petticoat, black hold-up nylons and sexy red pants? This dude wasted no time thinking about it, his penis got so hard he just needed to find a way to unleash this sudden raunchy tension. You dress like a whore and you get anally drilled like one! Watch him have his boyfriend bow over and fuck this desirous cross-dresser in the ass with great excitement. Wow!

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Hunky gay twinks fuck in a dorm room

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Those hunky twinks are mad about one one more and they just love to fuck. They do it anywhere and anytime and this day we caught ’em on cam getting down and indecent right in their dorm room. Just look at those juvenile tireless boners! Still hard even when a man gets permeated in the ass and spraying semen all over the place like a sexy gay fountain.

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Apolo BareBangs Vinicius Costta

Two big dicks is always more good than one and the one and the other Apolo and Vinicius have been blessed with big dicks. Those two start ripping off their raiment and exploring their bodies like they haven’t had sex in years. Vinicius starts deepthroating Apolo’s lengthy darksome jock – Apolo slamming the back of his mouth with each thrust of his hips.

Apolo then throws Vinicius against the wall and lubes his constricted ass with his tongue. His raw rod is then sliding in and out of Vinicius who winces with each stroke. Vinicius cums all over his washboard abdomen – eating his own cum in ecstasy. Apolo sprays Vinicius’ ass with his own cum. Everyone’s pleased.

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Tony Dias & Gustavo Ryder BareBang

Tony Dias and Gustavo Ryder are truly versatile guys who like to fuck and get fucked. So when they couldn’t come to a conclusion who would top we figured a flip flop bare banging fuck session was the answer. Tony unfathomable face holes Gustavo’s big black dick to start with getting it good and hard so it can permeate his ass cheeks with gusto. Tony jumps on that monster rod with glee and then rides it like a rodeo pro. The then flips Gustavo and rims his ass getting it ready for his own raw penis. He copulates Gustavo’s fine ass until the the one and the other of ’em cum – pleased BangBangBoys.

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Cross-dressing gay fun at home

The Cross Dressers

What a surprise! This gay lad dressed like a chick and even has a marvelous wig on jointly with a white slip that makes him look so fuckable. His boyfriend can’t live without this little cross-dressing play and responds exactly the way you’d hope for by pushing his ramrod in this cross-dresser’s mouth and a-bucking his curly ass with great pleasure. Are you ready for some nasty gay shenanigans? Have a fun this outstanding clip gallery with real fetish-loving boyfriends and share their rock hard orgasms from your side of the screen.

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Marcelo Mastro Barebangs Andy Star

We’ve filmed a lot of hot scenes here at BangBangBoys but this one stands above ’em all. The amazingly ripped and inked Andy Star in a leather harness on his knees deepthroating the monster wang of Marcelo Mastro. Marcelo treating the engulf pig roughly – pulling his hair and grabbing his face hole. He lubes up Andy’s hole and then that dong is impaling Andy as he screams for lenience. There’s no leniency here – just a butt load of cum deposited unfathomable inside the humiliated hole.

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Twinkie lad nailed by his college roommate

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This sexy college twink is always hungry for ramrod and when he takes it in his mouth and ass his boyfriend feels absolutely in heaven. Just watch him widen those taut pretty ass cheeks and push his manhood inside mixing anal pleasure with some oral shenanigans and finishing it off with a spectacular spunk flow. Gay assfucking as it is – a must-see for any fan of the genre!

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Apolo BareBangs Tony Dias

Apolo and Tony are locked jointly – their lips – their hands oozing with intensity and anticipation of a barebanging fuck session. Tony is on his knees getting slapped in the face with Apolo’s big dick. Apolo face copulates him slapping the inside of his face hole with his pecker. Apolo then throws him on his back – his raw dick itching to get inside his ass. Tony moans with sheer pleasure as his ass is pummeled by Apolo’s ebon monster dick. He explodes a huge load all over Tony’s constricted cheeks – this fuck session did not frustrate!

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Marcelo Mastro BareBangs Gustavo Ryder

Marcelo and Gustavo are making out on the bed. Of course Gustavo is familiar with the legend of Marcelo’s big fat dick. So it doesn’t take lengthy for him to break the brute free from his pants. He sucks on Marcelo’s thick meat, doing his superlatively good to deepthroat each inch. Marcelo bows Gustavo over to start rimming his constricted ass – alternating betwixt his hole and engulfing his upright jock. Then to a 69 with the two big cocked men engulfing hard. Gustavo’s ass is now ready for the pounding he’s been hoping for and Marcelo at no time fails to frustrate.

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Gay lads double-teaming a crossdresser

The Cross Dressers

Watch this unshaved-ass gay crossdresser in women’s raiment and sexy wig as he gets on his fours and takes two hard dicks in his cum-hungry mouth and taut backdoor. Getting sandwiched and fuck like that makes his each fuckable hole feel so good he just can’t stop moaning of pleasure. Unfathomable anal opening drilling, gentle ramrod engulfing and two perfectly-looking cumshots – that’s how those fuck starved gay lads spend their threesome intimate date and they shamelessly do it in front of the camera.

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Jhonnatan BareBangs Andy Star

Jhonnatan sees Andy’s ideal ass framed by his jock lying on the bed. No red blooded Brazilian man could see an ass like that and not want to dive in there. His tongue gently licks betwixt the perfectly formed cheeks rousing Andy’s desires.

The two trade blow jobs and then Jhonnatan throws Andy against the wall and removes the jock strap so he can get full access to Andy’s star. His raw knob slips in and out as they use each inch of the bed. The sweat drips from Andy’s ripped torso as he rides Jhonnatan’s jock then sucks it a bit. Fucking a guy as hot as that is bound to produce a payload of cum – which Jhonnatan breeds right back into Andy’s well pounded hole.

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Gay college swimmers fucking on cam

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Those fuck starved gay swimmers feel so inspired and horny after a morning practice they go back to their dorm room straight from the pool to get nude for some raw bareback action. Swimming jointly got ’em so excited they just can’t get sufficiently of engulfing and fucking in each position they fantasized about previous to. Spooning, doggystyle, ass riding – you name it! Two sporty juvenile bodies in sweaty gay action – what else can you ask for when you love watching ’em college jocks fuck their way to powerful orgasms.

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Victor Pear BareBangs Tony Dias

I love tattoos and there is a pont of time in this scene where Victor reaches into Tony Dias’ jeans to expose his tattooed ass that just has me squealing with delight. But I’m ahead of myself – Victor Pear is one of our new BangBangBoys and Tony Dias starts by engulfing his shlong and swallowing his balls. It’s then that Victor coaxes Tony’s tattooed ass out and blows him previous to lubing his hole with his tongue. He then barefucks the cum out of Tony Dias and his own cum which sprays all over that bare inked ass.

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Marcelo Mastro Barebangs Vinicius Costta

The hot new talent proceeds this week with big dicked Vinicius Costta getting barebanged by even bigger dicked Marcelo Mastro. Vinicius is ripped – Marcelo is completely turned on by what he sees that they lock lips with such intensity you know we’re in for a fantastic fuck session. Marcello rips Vinicius jeans off and unfathomable mouths his lengthy schlong, then turns him around to rim that taut ass. Then it’s Marcelo’s turn as Vinicius unleashes that legendary dick from his pants and sucks it like a man possessed. It’s then his chance to ride and ride it he does – bouncing up and down taking each inch unfathomable inside. Marcelo is so turned on by this fuckathon that he explodes in a tidal wave of cum all over Vinicius’ pounded ass. Anyone got a cigarette?

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Gay cross-dressing and anal fun


When one gay lad dresses up like a sexy cutie pie with a petticoat and a wig, red pants and black nylons you bet he’s gonna get nailed good this day. His boyfriend likes this kinky cross-dressing play and gives his welcoming ass hole the unfathomable hard drilling it craves for. What a great way to spice up a gay relationship!

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